Super BDXL Disc

Pioneer has introduced a new Super Blu Ray Burner drive called the  BDR-206MBK. The term Super Blu Ray means that it can support writing up to 100GB on a single disc.  I know your thinking that a 100GB disc is a great idea, but hold on to your wallets because they go for around $110 each.  Great for super storage only because if you have Blu Ray video content on them don’t expect it to work on your PS3 because they are not compatable.

They claim that the disc can hold about 12 hours of a 17MB HD stream of television, while it can hold about 8.4 hours of a 24MB stream of HD.  Also this drive and 100GB super Blu Ray discs are for now only available in Japan.

Stay tuned those of you in Europe and USA, we could one day see this super Blu Ray format hit our store shelves, and by then the price will come down since they will be more commonplace.