More or less all movies, even the old ones, are released in Blu-ray now. However, not all of us would like to do without our DVD players at this time, especially if these still function rather well. This tends to mean investing in third party equipment just so we get to watch those newly released Blu-ray movie discs in all their beauty. Certainly, such equipment may be expensive, not to mention difficult to acquire and put together. So what’s the simplest and most cost-effective answer to this challenge? A Blu-ray to DVD converter certainly! And DVDFab Blu Ray to DVD Converter, from one of the leading innovators of digital film converters in the market today, is perhaps the best option in cases like this.

Computer Requirements

First off, you must ensure that your computer is capable of doing coping with the decrypting, transforming, and copying projects ahead. To start, a Blu-ray drive on your pc is vital. Meanwhile, Pentium II 500 MHz is the basic processor requirement. The computer’s OS can be Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7. Random Access Memory (RAM) has to at least be at 512MB, and free hard disk drive space must at least be at 50 GB. Of course, the program operates brilliantly if the processor is a Core 2 Quad or higher; RAM is at 2 GB; including a highly effective video card such as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 is installed.

To access the Program

DVDFab Blu Ray to DVD Converter can be readily acquired through the program’s official web site. Just be sure you’ve got fast Connection to the web to guarantee a speedy and consistent download.

Most Powerful Feature of DVDFab

As you most likely know already, copy protection constraints are embedded on commercial release Blu-ray films. This is being put in place by movie studios so that their individual products are protected against unauthorized release, exhibition, and reproduction. Certainly, you’d would like your Blu-ray to DVD converter application to decrypt these codes so that you can completely convert and duplicate your chosen movies. Also it could be safe to say that this is considered the most impressive feature of the application yet. The reality is, DVDFab Blu Ray to DVD Converter is consistently up graded by its developers making sure that even the most recent copy protection codes are skirted and decrypted.

All-in-One Software

Some other converter products need to have installation of 3rd party drivers, even equipment. Although with DVDFab Blu Ray to DVD Converter, this is not necessarily required. All tasks, from decrypting the Blu-ray discs’ content material, to copying and converting them, and of course burning them to Digital video disc discs, can all be created by this superb software.


This product has been specifically made for use with Windows computer systems. This being the fact, the program’s graphical interface appears nearly similar to that of Windows as well. If you are very used to Microsoft’s programs, then you should not encounter troubles working out the controls and configurations of this converter application.


This product offers a variety of intelligent options that allow for effortless modification.

• DVD file format. Numerous DVD formats, namely DVD 5 and DVD 9, are supported by this program.
• File structure. Of course, this product mainly converts Blu-ray to DVD format. However, files extracted from the Blu-ray discs can certainly be saved in the ISO image data format.
• Choose tracks to convert. With many other converter products, you haven’t any choice but to copy all of the content within the Blu-ray discs despite the fact that don’t need some of the tracks. With DVDFab Blu Ray to DVD Converter though, you can easily decide upon which movie, audio tracks, and subtitle tracks to transform. As a result you will not only eliminate unwanted or unwanted content, but you will be able to conserve drastically on your empty discs too.
• Loop function. Perhaps you like a particular track in the video so well you would love to listen to it consistently? The good news is, you are able to set this using the program’s loop attribute so that the output DVD can play the tune repetitively as well.

Additional Significant Options

Aside from the above mentioned configurations which you can conveniently adjust, there are a handful of additional features that will make your converting task much more convenient.

• Automatic detection. As soon as you put in the Blu-ray disc into your drive, the program will instantaneously discover its presence and swiftly offer you task options, lessening manual inputs for your convenience.
• Batch conversion. All files will be converted in batches. This then gets rid of manually processing the files conversion process. Not only will this minimize potential problems, although the function significantly speeds up the procedure too.
• Titles merging. Wanting to save on your blank DVD discs? Or possibly you’d like your beloved movies all in one DVD? Or perhaps you’re seeking to establish a prearranged movie library, and you’d prefer to combine movies which have very similar themes into just one single DVD? The good news is, you can do this with little difficulty while using the DVDFab Blu Ray to DVD Converter. You can even rearrange the order of these titles which means that your favorite ones get to be played first.

• Ancillary files conversion. Any kind of audio and/or subtitle files contained in the Blu-ray discs can be freely selected for conversion and copying onto DVD discs without having to sacrifice the quality of the final result.
• Conversion of chosen tracks. Possibly you’re in the process of making a video montage as a tribute to your favorite movie actor? You are able to readily do this using the application! You can freely select specific parts of several movies, transform these into the DVD format, and copy onto dvds.

After-Sale Assistance

If you buy the DVDFab Blu Ray to DVD Converter, you can expect exceptional support all of the time. You can easily access the program’s official website to access the FAQ and help subjects pages. There are a number of video tutorials you can readily watch through the website too. Of course, you could phone the tech support team group of DVDFab for live advice about the product.

DVDFab Blu Ray to DVD Converter is probably the most recommended choices in existence. That in itself speaks so much in regards to the software. You can never go wrong using a product that is being suggested by end users to their own best freinds and family.