When looking for information on copying Blu Ray movies the most pressing question most people have is “Can I copy protected Blu Ray movie discs? And how can this process be done on my computer?”

The answer to that is simple now thanks to a new batch of Blu Ray Copy software titles coming to the market. As most everyone knows, the majority of DVD and Blu Ray discs that Hollywood releases contatin some form of copy protection built on the disc. This is done to prevent users from making multiple copies and selling them, or in other words keep the pirates at bay.  Also to prevent casual users from making a duplicate and giving it to a family member or friend.

Blu Ray Copy Options

  • When copying protected BD discs there are a few options to consider for the final output.  The most common task would be to simply make a disc-to-disc copy making a complete backup of the original Blu Ray movie. Most people like this feature for the simple reason of not having to buy another copy of the movie in case the original disc gets scratched, unreadable, or lost.
  • You also the the option of converting the protected disc to a digital format, thus preserving the movie on your hard drive so you can access it later using a video player software or converting it to a portable format like .mp4 which can then be ported to an iPod, iPad, or other portable device.

Best Software to use for removing Copy Protection on Blu Ray Movies

There are only a handful of software applications that can remove the copy protection found on Blu-Ray discs at this time. Because protection schemes are changing rapidly (a new scheme is released at least once a month or when a ‘blockbuster’ like Avatar is released), the software must be able to get around these as well. Thus a software vendor must be constantly developing updates and our shortlist of software vendors all get an A+ for constantly providing updates to their software.  Our recommended Blu Ray Copy software list is:

  1. DVDFab Blu Ray Copy – The leader in Blu Ray backup
  2. Blue Cloner 2 – The most easy to use app to backup Blu Ray discs.

The above screenshot is the main interface for Blue Cloner.  As you can see it is very simple and easy to understand. You simple choose the Blu Ray drive that has the original movie to copy and then choose the output drive.  It can either be the same drive which you will need to swap out a blank BDR or BDRW when complete or choose a second Blu Ray burner.

Which ever software you go with you will be pleased with the results and also you can have the confidence of knowing that the developers are always hard at work with making updates to keep your backups successful.