Sony will be updating their PS3 gaming console soon and the new ‘k’ series as it’s being refered to will only allow playback of HD Blu Ray movies over HDMI cables only.  In previous editions of the PS3 you could play Blu Ray content over either HDMI or Component cables.   The reason for 1080p content over HDMI is because of the new AACS standards and Sony will fully comply with these standards.

The new standards limits analog output resolution as follows: All new players sold after December 31, 2010 “must limit analog video output of BD content to interlaced standard definition (480i/576i). Then, 2013 is the expiration date for analog video: no player that passes “Decrypted AACS Content” to analog video outputs may be manufactured or sold after December 31, 2013,” says”

The new AACS standard introduces a couple of new features sure to please blu ray entheusists.  First being that Blu Ray content must only be played via HDMI cable thus retaining the true 1080p video quality and second is something called MMC.  This stands for mandatory managed copy and states that physical media must be able to be copied onto and digital home theatre system or portable device but can still be restricted.  This is a great proposition for those looking to copy blu ray discs.