Blu Ray Copy Software Review

The new year is here and with it is a new cropping of Blu Ray Copy Software apps just in time for everyone that is switching over to the new format. The ability to backup a Blu Ray movie is not as easy as it was with it’s older brother DVD. The early 2000’s introduced the world an easy way to make a duplicate of their favorite movies rather easily.

Today the practice of making a digital backup is commonplace and can be done with a few mouse clicks. I don’t recommend making backups and giving them out as presents and don’t even think about selling them, that would be bad. 🙁 Now enter the Blu-Ray format, yes it’s 1080p glory look stunning on HD TV sets and once again we have a physical disc the same size as a DVD and CD. One major difference that most care about is the price. Blu-Ray movies average around $25 for new Hollywood hits compared to $17 for the DVD counterpart. Thus the need to protect this investment.

This review will go over the best Blu Ray Copy Software apps that are currently available.

DVDFab Blu Ray CopyDVDFab Blu Ray Copy

Updated for 2013 Blu Ray protections.  The latest version will copy all the latest BD movies including Avatar which introduced a new protection scheme, but DVDFab took care of that right away.  There really is no other when it comes down to making successful blu ray backups. DVDFab is simply the best. But don’t take my word for it, try it yourself.