Blue-Cloner Review

Blue Cloner 2 boxBlue Cloner 2

Blue-Cloner is a professional Blu-ray tool to make quality Blu-ray backups easily. It can copy Blu-ray movies to BD-R/REs or to the hard disk drive with absolutely the same quality. Its fast copying speed and friendly user interface make the Blu-ray copy easier than ever.

Blue Cloner 2 Review

Blue Cloner has been awarded as one of the best blu ray copy apps available today. With it’s one click user interface you can rest assure that the task of making a backup will be an easy one.
Video Demo on how to use Blue-Cloner 2

As you can see the interface is really easy to understand.

The interface is very friendly, but you will need a 3rd party parser like AnyDVD in order to get it to work properly. It can do a 1:1 copy on a BD-R DL or compress on to a 25gb BD-R/BDRE disc. I found it strange that after the loading and burn (loading takes about 4 hrs, burning about an hour) that the BDMV files didn’t show on the disc, but played fine on PowerDVD, which recognized it. Overall get used to waiting a long time to get the copy. I would copy at night, and have the copy ready the next morning. However,it does deliver a very good copy. Pretty simple to us.

Blue-Cloner 2 is a software application capable of outputting quality and professional grade DVD and Blu-ray copies. If you are currently in the market for these handy programs, then you might want to check out Blue-Cloner 2. Here are the many of its intelligent features which will surely make you want to try out this program.

Buying It

Blue-Cloner 2 can be readily accessed via the Internet. Of course, before you go ahead and download the product, you need to ensure that your computer meets all the minimum hardware requirements which are:

• Computer operating system should at least be a Windows XP, or the newer Windows Vista, or the latest which is Windows 7
• Processor should at least be a Pentium IV 1.0 GHz
• 512 MB of Random Access Memory (RAM) must be available
• Free hard disk space should at least be at 50 GB
• Lastly, a Blu-ray disc drive

Blue-Cloner 2 provides a trial version. So if quite unsure whether or not to purchase this program, then you can always just try the free downloadable program first. However, there is a limitation with the trial version, and that is, you can only accomplish one complete disc copying task with it. Afterwards, you will only be able to copy half of a disc’s content.


This program features a sleek, simple, and straightforward interface. All the major functions of the program can be readily accessed via the main interface. So someone who’s a little technologically challenged will be able to use the program with relative ease.

Blue Cloner Settings

Various controls are provided so you can easily tweak the settings according to your requirements.

• Copy mode. Blue-Cloner 2 has four convenient ways of copying movies. The first is the 1:1 Blu-ray Copy which copies the content of discs bit by bit. Second is the Movie-Only Copy which only duplicates the disc file with the longest length. Third is the Movie Complete Copy which reproduces the longest duration movie plus all of its corresponding menus and features such as subtitles and sound tracks. And lastly, the Split Blu-ray Copy which enables copying or burning of the entire content into two separate discs.
• Format. This program allows conveniently setting the encoding format. There’s the H.264 format, a rather memory-heavy format, but one which outputs particularly excellent video in the end. Also, the more compressed MPEG2 format setting is available.
• Disc capacity. The program can readily assign smaller capacity discs as the storage. Say the movie you are looking to copy is a 50G Blu-ray disc and you only have 25G blank discs available. If such is the case, then you no longer need to obtain the former any more. That’s convenience and savings at the same time!
• Copying speed. If copying movies in the H.264 format, then the task will take at least eleven hours to complete. If copying using the compressed MPEG2 format, then expect the task to be completed within four to five hours.
• Burning speed. Three burn speed settings – namely maximum, 1x, and 2x – are provided as well to make your copying tasks even faster and more convenient.
• Chapter length. You can readily tweak the length of each chapter using the Blue-Cloner 2. This then enables proper splitting of chapters especially if you will be copying and burning on two separate discs.
• Choose files to copy. Movie discs are of course filled with a handful of commercials and other tracks that may not be necessarily important for you. Thankfully, you need not have to copy advertisements, subtitles, even some of the audio, if you don’t want to. Simply program the Blue-Cloner 2 to appropriate settings so that these tracks are not reproduced onto the final output discs. Not only will you eliminate superfluous content, but you get to save on blank discs as well.
• Backup heavily scratched discs. Blue-Cloner 2 is such a powerful program that it is capable of reading and copying from damaged discs. So all of your favorite movies which your pets scratched? These can readily be backed up using the Blue-Cloner 2 so you won’t have to buy new ones any more.

Copy Progress Window

One handy element the Blue-Cloner 2 features is the progress window. Once the task commences, a window will pop up showing both the total time and remaining time of copying.

Output Quality

Blue-Cloner 2 produces excellent output copies. Video quality is particularly outstanding when the H.264 format is utilized.

Client Support

Addressing problems with The Blue-Cloner 2 can be done through a handful of channels as well.

• Built-in help section. Simply click on the Help button and you will automatically be directed to a help menu. In here, you will see detailed explanations and instructions as to how to take care of particular program problems.
• Chat support. If you require step-by-step assistance from any of the live technical support crew, then they are available from 6 PM to 2 AM PST.
• 24-hour support. If you require help but live support is not accessible yet, then you can always just describe your Blue-Cloner 2 technical problems via the channel Ticket System and your questions will be answered as soon as they are reviewed by the Blue-Cloner 2 support team.