DVDFab Blu Ray Copy

DVDFab Blu Ray Copy

One of the original Blu Ray apps and one of the strongest for backing up Blu Ray movies. This is one truly impressive tool to have in your Blu Ray arsenal.  If you need to make a dup or to rip to your hard drive then I would recommend taking a look at this software.

DVDFab Blu Ray Copy Review

This software has earned our top spot for Blu Ray apps because of one reason. The built-in decryption can remove the latest Blu-ray protections and
region codes and outputs perfect looking video. A second reason is that this software gets the most updates out of any other which is crucial because of all of the new protection schemes being found on newer Blu Ray titles.
Video Demo on how to use DVDFab Blu Ray

Why Buy DVDFab Blu Ray Copy?

DVDFab has long been in the business of providing software solutions for copying digital format movies. Back then, all the rave was for transferring movie files into high quality DVD formats. But fast-forward to the present, with Blu-ray taking over the market of disc storage systems. With such developments, we consumers expect software applications for dealing with this very new format to be released to the market as well. Thankfully, that’s exactly what developers of the DVDFab Blu Ray Copy did! This powerful all-in-one program allows copying, burning, cloning, and decrypting Blu-ray format files without sacrificing the quality of the final output. If interested to find out what this program has to offer, then read on to find out just that.

Quick Access


Of course, consumers expect products to be accessible for quick purchase. Thankfully with the DVDFab Blu Ray Copy, this is possible. In fact, the program can be readily downloaded via the Internet. Just make sure that before you click on that Buy Now button, that your computer meets the basic requirements namely:

  • Computer operating system should be Windows XP, Windows Vista, or the newest which is Windows 7
  • Processor should at least be a Pentium II 500 MHz.
  • Random Access Memory (RAM) should at least be at 512 MB
  • Currently unused hard disk space should at least be at 50 GB
  • Of course, a Blu-ray drive

Lastly, a fast and uninterrupted Internet connection is crucial so as to ensure quick and seamless download of this product.

Intuitive Program


Of course, you would want nothing less than a program which automatically does some of the most basic tasks for you. DVDFab Blu Ray Copy does this magnificently. In fact, the very instance the disc you’re looking to process is loaded into the drive, the program instantaneously detects it. This then translates to lesser manual tasks. So not only will this decrease mistakes at the very outset, but aids those who aren’t that tech savvy to start with.

Can Copy From All Blu-ray Discs


As you probably already know, digital format movies have codes embedded in them. Fortunately, DVDFab Blu Ray Copy can circumvent these copy protections readily.

  • First, this program can remove any region codes protecting the discs. These nifty encryptions have been put in place to inhibit sale and exhibition of movies from outside their intended geographical regions. So say you’re currently in Europe and you happen to have purchased a U.S. release movie. This way, you get to watch the said film even before its release in the European market. Now, region codes have surely been embedded in the disc so as to ensure this very same advanced private viewing scenario will be prevented. Of course, you can always just copy the said disc using the DVDFab Blu Ray Copy, and all these codes will automatically be decrypted for you.
  • DVDFab is capable of getting around user operation prohibition (UOP) controls that have been programmed in the discs as well. Hate the endless commercials that play before the movie? Then you can always set DVDFab to remove these parts so that only the main feature will be copied and burned.
  • Advanced Access Content System (AACS) codes which are meant to further protect the content on the discs can be easily decrypted by DVDFab as well.

Can Copy From Your Computer


Surely you have a handful of movie collections you keep in your computer? Or perhaps you have a BD-Live account and you would like to have all those downloaded movies burned onto discs? DVDFab can do this for you so that you get to free up your computer’s hard disk.

Can Copy from Other Discs


Been looking for a solution to save all those scratched discs? DVDFab can perform data back up from compromised discs so you need not have to purchase new ones any more. Burnworld also has a list of software apps that can copy protected DVD movies.

Can Perform File Compression and Output a Number of Disc Formats


DVDFab can be set to compress the files it copies so that the latter can be put in discs with smaller memory capacities.

A Handful of Copy Modes


DVDFab offers a handful of ways you can copy your DVD and Blu-ray discs. These are:

  • The Full Disc mode which copies all the files in the disc, including all movies and previews and their respective menu options.
  • There’s also the Main Movie mode, and like its name suggests, only copies the full feature movie.
  • The Clone mode is available as well, and it enables copying of the disc bit by bit.
  • Lastly, the Write Data mode which enables converting of Blu-ray folders into ISO files to allow easy burning to discs later on.

A Number of Settings to Allow for Customization


Of course, a program that provides you with a number of options for your movie copying tasks is crucial as well. DVDFab enables customization of these setting to make your job easier and faster:

  • Ability to choose which files to copy. You can readily omit specific menu options, even music tracks if you want to.
  • DVDFab can be used with virtually any type of burning engine out there so you need not have to download a new program if you already have one set up.
  • Writing and encoding speeds can be easily tweaked without compromising the quality of the final output.


Packed with Features for Your Convenience


DVDFab Blu Ray Copy also boasts these features to further ensure your positive experience:

  • A preview window will run so that you know how far into the copying task you currently are.
  • DVDFab also has a built-in multi-language support to ensure all foreign language subtitles are copied correctly.

And if all these benefits aren’t enough for you yet, then you’d be happy to know that DVDFab Blu Ray Copy is constantly developed by its designers. Bear in mind that copy protection codes are constantly changed. Fortunately, DVDFab has the answer to this. The latest updates to the software can be easily accessed and these contain all the latest copy protection removal keys. With DVDFab Blu Ray Copy, you get a program that is capable of cracking any encryptions. Plus, you get to create personalized discs containing only the content you want.