EarthSoft Blu Ray to DVD Copy Review – Exclusive Discount Coupon Code for EarthSoft Software

EarthSoft Blu Ray to DVD Copy

Supporting decrypting blu-ray disks and copying them to common blank DVDs. Back up blu-ray movie data on the DVD disks, and do not worry about the fragile and expensive blu-ray disks any more. 

Copy and burn blu-ray disks perfect without any loss of quality, and supports burning at the highest speeds. Incredibly easy to use for both beginners and veterans, EarthSoft Bluray DVD Copy will be your best blu-ray apps.

EarthSoft Blu-Ray to DVD Copy Review

Blu-Ray DVDs are really expensive nowadays and if you have a movie stored on them, scratching the disc might cause you headaches. You might need to buy the DVD again and we all know this is not very cheap. But don’t worry anymore, EarthSoft provides us now with a great backup tool for your Blu-Ray discs, and not only.

With this program you can you can convert BDs to lots of other formats such as AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV and many others. You can also store a back-up copy of your discs on your computer. Though this might seem illegal, it’s not. As long as the copies you make are only for personal use and are not intended to be sold later, making a copy of an original disc is a totally legal process.

The program we review today is EarthSoft Blu-Ray DVD Copy, a great Blu-Ray backup software which can preview the movie before ripping it. You can customize the video quality, video size, audio quality and audio channels. You can also clip segments from the movie, convert Blu-Ray files in batches and set the application to shut down your computer after the processes are ended.

Good for Blu Ray to DVD Converting

EarthSoft Blu-Ray DVD Copy lacks some of the features other Blu-Ray rippers have, but don’t get disappointed yet. This is not something that should fool you; this great application is only meant to be used by customers seeking programs that render Blu-Ray to DVD. This program is not developed to copy Blu-Ray discs in a perfect 1:1 quality. It is only published to render Blu-Ray discs to DVDs.

The software does not offer customization features. You can’t add frames to the movies, crop the frames, add watermarks or create a custom menus on the DVDs, but these are features not many users long for. On the great side we can name the Blu-Ray decryption engine, which is a tremendously important feature for this kind of program. The application will have no problem in “breaking” the digital copyright applied on original BDs. Moreover, it has support for multiple languages and is linked to the operating system through the possibility of shutting it down or rebooting after a specific process.

The program can also label the output file and can trim and merge particular clips by using a basic splitter function. Labeling the output file is something fairly important, but unfortunately lots of applications do not offer it. Well, luckily enough, EarthSoft Blu-Ray DVD Copy does offer it. Moreover, the program is also capable of extracting images and audio from Blu-Ray sources.

Not only this program offers quite a few basic features, it also gets the job done in style. The quality of the output is fairly decent and indicates why this program is currently rated among the best Blu-Ray backup software. There is only a bit of audio and picture quality loss in the process, but you might not even notice it.

The interface of the program is sleek and well designed. It helps the user to find every option fast, though he doesn’t have a certificate for proficient Windows user. Beginners can easily use the appealing interface with a clean navigation and professional look.

EarthSoft offers a lot of support on their webpage for this application. Unfortunately there is no support by telephone, but you can get answers by e-mail. There are also FAQs and tutorials sections for this program. Though every process is done step by step, not being able to follow the guidelines shouldn’t be a problem, because the tutorials on the website are also step by step and very useful.

Overall, EarthSoft Blu-Ray DVD Copy is a good program suited for users who want a quality Blu-Ray to DVD conversion. The program is $49.99 for the full working version so go and order your version right now. There is also a demo version you can download if you want to see the program at work before paying for it.